Translating, interpreting and tour guide services in Ukraine

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Translating, interpreting and tour guide services in Ukraine. Translation into Ukrainian and Russian

High-quality translating and interpreting into Ukrainian and Russian support during business meetings, translations, interpreting and simultaneous interpretation. Call for details: +38 044 236 31 51

Aviatour travel agency offers the services of interpreters and guides in Ukraine. We will provide you with the highest quality of language support for any purposes.

The official language of the country is Ukrainian, while along with it the Russian language is also actively used. Translation and interpreting into Ukrainian and Russian are the main tasks our translators and interpreters are entrusted with. They provide both translation and interpreting (including simultaneous type) from all the known languages.

Aviatour travel agency will promptly find an interpreter for you, while providing support for the entire duration of your stay in Ukraine.

We will ensure translation of all your contracts, invoices, accounting, banking, technical and other documents into Ukrainian.

Most commonly translators and interpreters are employed to perform translations and interpreting from English, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian and Italian.

Our translators and interpreters will help eliminate the language barrier between you and your partners in Ukraine. We will also help to translate your profiles on social networks, company websites and other digital information into Russian and Ukrainian.

For more information about payment for the services of translators, interpreters and guides please contact Aviatour consultants.

The guides will help you get more acquainted with the sights, history, architecture and culture of Ukraine. If you are going on a business trip while planning to allocate some time for leisure activities, our guides will help you choose a suitable entertainment or recreational event.

Aviatour agency ensures simultaneous interpreting during business negotiations, international or national conferences. We do not only provide professional interpreters working with the Ukrainian and Russian languages, but also supply all the necessary modern equipment.

Recently, people have been often using digital devices for automatic translation of written texts and interpreting spoken language. Such devices are useful for communication in everyday life, however they do not ensure accurate communication of information as a professional translator or an interpreter would do.

The adequate translation or interpreting of information directly depend on the skills of a translator or an interpreter. Aviatour agency offers the services rendered exclusively by highly qualified translators, interpreters and guides.

We will help you not get lost in the world of a new language and culture!

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